Group members

Currently, I am supervising the following talents at UC Santa Cruz CSE:  

Yatong Chen, 3rd year, CSE PhD Student. (MS: Stanford University; BS: Peking University)

Hao Cheng, 1st year, CSE PhD Student, Chancellor’s Fellowship (MS: ShanghaiTech; BS: Jilin University)

Tianyi Luo, 5th year, CSE PhD Candidate. (MS: Peking University; BS: Dalian University of Technology)

Reilly Raab, 3rd year, CSE PhD Student. (BS: UC Santa Barbara)

Jiaheng Wei, 3rd year, CSE PhD Candidate. (MS: Brown University; BS: Xi’an Jiao Tong University)

Jayanth Yetukuri, 4th year CSE PhD Candidate. (MS: University of Hyderabad)

Zhaowei Zhu, 3rd year, CSE PhD Candidate. (MS: ShanghaiTech; BS: UESTC)

I am co-advising:

Jialu Wang, 3rd year, CSE PhD Candidate. (BS: SJTU). Co-advising with Xin (Eric) Wang.


Master students I have worked with:

Xingyu Li. On the Peer Loss: Its Theory and the Applications to the Learning with Noisy Labels Problem.

Bernardo A. Gonzalez Torres. An Algorithmic Introduction to Clustering.

Akul Goyal. Self-labeling Boosting. Now Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


If you are interested in coming to work with me at UC Santa Cruz CSE, please apply to our PhD program and mention my name in your application. Feel free to email me after you have done so, or if you have any questions.